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981123 01.19   I added my countdown page.

980812 23.01   I changed my working place from to

980729 00.46   I added a link from my Experimental page to my 
               Quicktime VR apartment page.

980729 00.40   I added a link from my first page to my Quicktime VR
               apartment page.

980729 00.37   I deleted my old address in the head of my first page.

980423 00.52   I added Quicktime VR test to my experimental page.

971228 00.01   I changed my working link on the first page.
970421 21.20   I added my (swedish) HTMLTags list on the experimental page.
970313 01.30   I begun to use a new e-mail cgi script.
970226 22.06   I updated the "Trash Can Sinatras" link on the music page.
970108 22.04   I did this today:
               the Madonna link on the music page
               the Trash Can Sinatras link on the music page
               the link to my new job on the startpage
               my e-mail it's possible to use it...
               The Internetgruppen link on my startpage
               Added my other sites on my experimental page
960926 03.40   I deleted one Swedish Dance Chart link and
               added American Music Information Source Guide
               on the music page. 
960912 03.00   I added "Nice to have you here" cgi-script to
               my external links. 
960718 02.27   I have finally cropped my pictures showing
               mountain bking, DJing and stuff...
               This is the first time I'm using Claris Home Page.
               Claris Home Page is GREAT, get it!!! 
960704 01.13   Added a animated gif on the startpage.
               This was the first time I tried to use Adobe Pagemill 
960601 15.20   Added the following links on the DJ page:
               Suburban Base Records, Strictly Rhythm Records,
               House Nation, CJ Bolland, Mixmaster Morris, 1200 FAQ,
               Jockey Slut, Warp Records, 
960416 23.37   Did some smaller cosmic changes on some pages 
960416 23.17   Changed the text about me in the front page
960413 13.13   Removed the switch of page thing on the start page 
960413 13.02   Added a new photo of me in the startpage
960327 00.37   Added counter on the DJ page. 
960326 21.30   Changed the Mariah Carey link on the music page. 
960326 21.09   Added the Ellesdesia record shop 
960326 21.00   Changed the link to SSHAH's page. 
960101 00.21   Added these pages to the DJ page:
               Beatservice, DJ Dom, Circuit, Musik Journalen Dans, TB303, CC46,
               Melbourne rave and club info, Surface Elements,
               and changed the structur of the page with categories.
               Added old links to the oldlinks page
960101 22.30   Did an experiment with client side image maps on the
               experimental page
951230 17.30   Changed my e-mail page to NS 2.0 standard 
951115 23:56   Fixed code over most of my pages to make it
               possible to show the pages in Netscape 2.0 
951107 23:19   Added two links on the Music page of my favorite music
               group - The Prodigy! 
951107 23:10   Removed that annoying "What are you waiting for" 
951107 23:04   Changed the location of my Experimental page 
951104 21:24   Changed the pointer of Björk link to another... 
951025 23:05   Added link to Russ Pollanen's music page on my music page 
950902 21:14   Added links SSHAH and Swedish Dance Chart 
950902 19:51   Check of links 
950902 19:43   Made my page links relative 
950902 19:28   Removed title moving and flash 
950703 18:40   Changed the link to "Internetgruppen" 
950611 04:22   Added crazy effects on both Robert.html and Robertpart2.html 
950514 01:43   Added "Back to mainpage" above on this page 
950514 01:38   Added slimed title effect 
950513 18:09   Changed my e-mail to the new one (Robert@MiL.LU.SE) 
950512 11:00   Changed links so they did work properly (yahoo, internetgruppen) 
950331 00:20   I changed the background and added "refresh screen" tags 
950324 02:32   I add support for speaking with the people in the clubroom 
950324 00:35   Changed the link to Lycos to Lycos6 cos the Lycos3 was down 
950312 04:50   Added some new HTML 3.0 tags which is able to see with Netscape 1.1b1 
950306 15:28   I cleaned up the text in "Who am I" 
950306 03:08   Added Guestbook experiment on my experiment page (time to go home) 
950306 02:10   Added movie on my experiment page in quicktime 
950306 01:33   I aligned my netsurfer links to the middle of the page 
950218 01:17   Added a link from my homepage to a "Check the time in Sweden" page 
950218 00:58   Linked an e-mail form page to my homepage 
950218 00:44   Added Sony Music to my music page 
950218 00:39   Added the homepage of Lisa Ekdahl to the music page 
950218 00:15   Added the homepage of music group Whale on the music page 
950218 00:09   I removed the link to Boston Rave & Sho Kuwamoto 
950217 23:43   I added my friends usergroup "Internetgruppen" in Denmark 
950217 23:31   I removed the "Info-Mac Digest" link and put it on my new
               OldLinks page 
950217 23:30   I added a new OldLinks page 
950217 21:05   Removed my "Under Construction" and made a Xperimental link 
950216 22:41   Changed MacinLund, News & Robe gifs to the better
               Removed that annoying blink of "Robe" 
950215 23:13   I changed my logo and centered the head of the page
950212 05:39   Made the MacinLund links work again 
950130 18:55   I added Lycos search page to my mainpage 
950126 22:26   I added address and homepage links on every page 
950126 22:13   I added a link to this (PageLog) page from my
950126 21:15   Added Megadeth Homepage & Coldcut Homepage on the
               music page. I also added the following links:
               On music page: The Ultimate band list
                              Michaels music links
                              The drums and percussion page
                              The fractal music page
               On DJ page:    CiM
                              Scandinavian Club Scene
                              Chris Petzny's links
                              Coldcut page
                              Pipe homepage
                              Mixmaster Morris Homepage
                              Sho Kuwamoto
                              Boston Rave 
950126 21:03   Added <HTML> <HEAD> <BODY> tags to the pages. 
950126 20:43   This PageLog begins here. 
950125 21:00   I made a link to my experimental page.

Robert@MiL.LU.SE Robert Olsson
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